mInvestment Banking offers a full range of financial advisory - we provide support in the planning and business development process, we offer advisory on restructuring programs, M&A transactions and various forms of arranging finance. Our offer is addressed to businesses irrespectively of their size, legal form or sector of their operation.

We provide services in four key areas related to financing of business operation in a broad sense:


M&A Transactions

Advisory services on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) constitute one of the core areas of investment banking which offers intermediation between a capital provider and a company searching for an investor. The financial advisor acts as an intermediary in the strategic decision-making process. For companies and industries in the phase of vigorous development, mergers and acquisitions frequently turn out to be a strategic necessity. M&A transactions result in changes in the capital structure of companies, strengthen their market position and improve their financial standing.

The scope of offered services:

mIB, in cooperation with the best law firms, delivers comprehensive advisory services in the following types of M&A transactions:

  • Sale of businesses to strategic or financial investors (sell-side)
  • Purchase of companies/assets in Poland and/or abroad (buy-side)
  • Mergers
  • Support to investor in the purchase of companies within privatization processes


Advisory services on M&A transactions comprise:

  • Identification of potential investment targets
  • Preparation of a list of potential investors
  • Analysis and valuation of the target company
  • Structuring and financial modeling of the transaction
  • Preparation and handling of the transaction
  • In co-operation with a legal advisor, finalizing the transaction and optimizing its conditions

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is a category of advisory services which supports decision processes referring to the maximization of valuation of companies and ensuring stable foundation for their long-term development. Corporate Finance offers a diversity of financial tools that are aimed at evaluating company's economic and financial standing, modeling of business processes, valuation of a company and its assets as well as a review of the industry.


The scope of offered services:

  • Valuation of a company and/or an investment project
  • Value drivers analysis and "fairness opinions"
  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Financial structure optimization programs
  • Asset management optimization programs
  • Financial analyses
  • Restructuring programs
  • Strategic analyses, development strategies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Analysis of investment attractiveness of a particular industry
  • Project management

Capital Advisory

Development of any business depends on access to capital. In order to finance a certain project various sources of financing may be considered. These include traditional debt financing (credit facilities, loans, bonds), equity financing (share issue, venture capital) and various hybrid forms (mezzanine financing). The process of finance raising requires a detailed evaluation of the investment target.

One should remember that the choice of a given form of financing has certain consequences for each company. The changes concern the cost of capital as well as company's risk exposure. In order to optimize the structure of financing, various activities are implemented.

Within the process of arranging and structuring of financing mIB advisory services offer:

  • Assistance in the process of selection of the form of financing
  • Finance raising for the purpose of M&A and IPO transactions
  • Project finance - arranging finance for investment projects
  • Leveraged transactions (LMBO, LBO and MBO)
  • Arranging financing from private equity funds and venture capital (private placement)
  • Raising debt financing and mezzanine financing


IPO (initial public offering) is when a company issues its shares to the public for the first time. Both existing shares and shares of the new issue may be the subject of IPO. The company's debut on the stock exchange requires a number of preparatory activities. The most important IPO process components are: the appropriate structuring of relationships existing between the company and its shareholders, valuation of the company, working out an optimal structure of the public offering in view of the adopted development strategy and company's investment plans as well as drawing up the prospectus and proceedings before the Financial Supervision Authority.

Once the issue prospectus is approved by the Financial Supervision Authority, the stage of placement of shares among potential investors may start. In this phase special attention is paid to professional presentation of the company and its management. The key factors that determine successful public offering include direct contact with institutional investors, presentation of the analytical report by analysts from a stock brokerage house as well as the management presentation on the company's development prospects.

Based on our experience, we can say that proper preparation for the process of going public accompanied by a professional presentation of company's management allows for either elimination or mitigation of a number of relevant risks which are typically pointed out by potential investors and for optimization of company's market valuation.